National Day at Tampines

Posted by Lokman Salikoon

OK i know i'm abit late, but its better then nothing.

Eventually on the late afternoon of 9th August, i was intending to hang low and laze around infront of the telly, watching the parade 'live' when i remembered that Shaiful was doing some community participation at the National Day celebration @ the heartlands. I thought, what the hell, msged/called shaiful up and asked of the situation. It was all a go, so i changed into my red T ( incidentally, my very 1st red top i ever worn in my life. Surprisingly, i look good in red. Oh shut up..) and off i went to the open fields of Tampines near the Interchange. By the time i arrived, a huge crowd was making thier way and an even more bigger crowd was already there.

The usual dance and song performance abound. Everyone being hyped up and excited was indeed infectious and this went on all through the night.

Oh and how can we not mention the fireworks. Not as big as the ones at the Padang, but good enough to wow us off our feet.

Till next year, Happy..erm..Belated Birthday Singapore!

PS: Photos by Shaiful/MassB. Thanks for sharing dude!


So we know what to get you next birthday dude ...

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