Vivid dream

Posted by Lokman Salikoon

Two nights ago, i had this really vivid dream.

I was looking out of the window of my house which faced the city and that the tallest building around was the Swisshotel, very much like the one at City hall. Suddenly i was shocked upon seeing it tilt to the left and came crashing down. Well it tilted, the base gave way and dropped down vertically then continued its course tilting and down till it all hit the ground. Instantaneously, the ground shook and pressure valve underground burst up, causing a steam break-through like a geyser from the ground and through manholes. More geyser pressured up from the ground only to realize that it was coming towards my house! I bolted out of my room, passed the living room and caught a glimpse of mum and dad on the sofa. It was rather weird that i didn't asked them to get the hell out of there. I was out of the front door and down the stairs, taking notice that i was on the 40th floor. As soon as i reached the ground floor, i could see the pressure geysers popping out from the ground approaching. I wondered why it took so long as it would take me a long while to go down 40 stories. There were screams abound and although the event took suddenly, the pressure wasn't that bad when it finally reached me. Probably the distance has already taken its toll and there wasn't much force left. A gapping hole was left as the geyser ceased. I peered into it and saw the pressure pipes. It was no ordinary pipes, as they were all transparent, like they were made of acrylic. What an eventful occurance! I had to tell someone, so i called my friend, Hideaki, on the phone to tell him of what happen. I could hear a shocked and saddened reply from him. He mentioned that his girlfriend was working in the Swisshotel building. I told him she couldn't have been inside as it was Sunday. No one works on Sundays. Then he added, "But she works in one of the shops". I was stunned, not knowing what to say. I assured him that i will update him what i could as soon as i reach to the disaster site.

And that was when i woke up.

Pretty much like a disaster film eh?


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