Gramophone Warehouse Sale

Posted by Lokman Salikoon

Thanks to Stefan, our frequent conversation over at gmail chat was made aware of the pending doom of my wallet.

Gramophone Warehouse sale.

Tons of Dvds, Cd and Vinvls on sale. Movie of old and rather new going as low as 9 bucks. I just couldn't resist.

I kept wondering if anyone would know or even bother coming to such an ulu place ( not really ulu but for those not familiar in the east, it might be). But lo and behold, music that was blasting through over-powered the perception and was surprised at the turn-out.

Rumaging through rows of dvds and cds, i managed to grab some to my heart's content. A total of 7 Dvds: Predator (2 dics edition), The Terminal, The Good Son, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Final Cut, The Pianist and Road to Perdition. Each Dvd cost me ard 10 Bucks. Not bad of a deal eh?

Ok, no more Dvd splurge or i won't be able to enjoy Japan in Oct...


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