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Posted by Lokman Salikoon

..that too much O2 (Oxygen) is bad for your health?

Blame it on evolution but your body only has CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) receptors in it, so it cant detect O2. CO2 is used up by cells and is transported in your blood by Haemoglobin (Red blood cells) and exhaled. Breathing in O2 means your body can't detect it. Kinda of silly but its true. So too much O2 suffocates your body because you don't need to breath anymore.

To show yourself how weird your body is, take like 15 really big deep breaths slowly in and out. You go light headed, too much O2. ( Do stop if you feel a limit). And if you hold your breath after that, you'll be surprise that you can stop breathing for quite some time.


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