A Gubra Gala

Posted by Lokman Salikoon

It was a big turn out for the world premiere of Gubra at GV Grand. TV crews from MTV and Channel Suria we there hogging the cast for interviews and introductions. And then there were us, trying to stick to Yasmin long enough to get any inside scoop. Personally though i think we were abit too much in-the-face that it might scare them away. And there i was trying to be cool about it.

Pretty much all invitees were rounded up in the garden for the refreshments and dinner while mingling around, talking to aquaintences and friends. By 9pm later that evening, everyone were ushered into the screening hall to reveal the 1st revelation of Gubra on the silver screen. Heavier in topic range and emotions, Gubra is nothing like Sepet. The tone is generally more mature but one thing for sure, its dialogs and capers of particular scenes was a heartful signature of yasmin which i loved.

We stuck around after the show, to congratulate them for the great show and managed to salvage free posters and whats more, having them there, was a great opportunity to have personal autographs of them!

We bid them our final farewell and hoping we would meet agian in her upcoming film production to learn the nick-knacks of filming.

Read more about the gala at movieXclusive.com


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