A Gubra dinner

Posted by Lokman Salikoon

The day finally came on the 26th Feb 06 where we met the cast of Gubra, the much awaited sequel to the tragic Sepet. Expecting a much formal setting, we were thrown aback at the suggestion coming from Thomas, LHP marketing, that the bunch was in need of a meal. And that expectation of a quiet formal hit and run interview was suddenly wiped clean and so started the our most unexpected informal, laid back casual interview we had ever done.

Target was at 730pm at the Swissotel Stamford’s Kopitiam. I was the designated shooter, who was having the most frustrating time taking photos because of the lighting. Yellow lights is definately not my favourite lighting. Its bright enough but it messes up with the sensors in my camera into thinking its dark, thus causing it to have a slow shutter, which in turn makes ANY movement into a blurry patch of grotesque deformation. So i braved the envoronment and wished SOMETHING turned out fine among the endless shots.

Those present, Yasmin, the director of cos, who is very much motherly and fun to be with who speaks of her own class and humbleness. Sharifah, the lead actress, as cute as a button with a mouth that shoots like a GPMG leaving any traces to burn any unexpecting passer-by. a true chilli padi. Small and super spicy, it burns. I like...Oh and also not forgetting Alan, the on screen brother of the departed Jason to stir up emotion back into orked. Quiet and reserve, this model turns out to be not a bad actor who still has a long way to go. Anyone who thinks he looks familiar, will defiantely recognise him in various commercials on tv, the more recent, Airwick air fresher.

We soon departed and had our final photo shoot at the vicinity and bid farewell to the bunch. Till tomo that is, the world premiere of Gubra at GV Grand.

Read more of the interview at movieXclusive.com


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