Seven Sword Press Conference

Posted by Lokman Salikoon

Charlie Young, Tsui Hark & Donnie Yen

On the 24th of July, upon the Conrad, 7 Heros who carried the 7 heavenly swords came upon our shores...Well not exactly 7 but 3. No, 2 infact, plus the legendary dictator who showed thier path to destiny..

Ok, my story telling isn't working out...
As some of you have known that i'm a team member of MovieXclusive, relatively, we are assigned tasks may it be movie review or design or somewhat. Yesterday, i had the privelage to team up with my fellow Xclusivers to cover the press conference of The Seven Sword. My task? As the photographer. Might as well, cos i'm no pro in chinese.

Gracing the event, Charlie Young, Tsui Hark and Donnie Yen. Mesmerising in thier own way, the conference went pretty well, them being a rather friendly bunch in comparison with other celebrities that i've encountered.

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