Rest at last..

Posted by Lokman Salikoon, its not my time to take my leave yet ( that'll be AFTER i'm done with the October issue in September...but thats another story..).

I've finally paid myself a looong weekend for me to enjoy. Gaining off days on Friday (today) and Monday to finally take that breath of fresh air to recover. Funny to think that i've always thought that i was the deligent one, always finishing my work, settling all pertaining stuff before a holiday. This time, i totally let it go. Hell I don't even want to think about it. I deserve this rest. Hah..

Well, total rest almost. I've got this stint to do a short coporate video for Broquet due tomorrow. Hell, I'll go all the way for this one cos, beleive me, an additional 800-900 bucks for my holiday trip is worth it.


Where ya planning to go? Out of Asia, um, try South Africa?

BTW, you can link me at the drizzleofhoney one. The purifiedgold one is nonsense lah, don't circulate that. Hahaha!

Yup. Out of asia. Destination shall be revealed later..gotta plan..woohoo..

Your picture so Cuuuuute! That's you right ... LOL

u got me there..
i'm darn cute huh?

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