Press Conference with Neil Gaiman

Posted by Lokman Salikoon

Press Conference with Neil Gaiman Posted by Picasa

Down to earth, humourous and somewhat dark. Maybe its because of his shades and leather jacket. Kinda makes you wonder what goes in his mind knowing him be the author of the bestselling comic, "The Sandman", with morbid and disturbing stories intertwining humour and a generous handfull of plots, it isn't a wonder comic lovers abound are amazed of his works.

I had the pleasure meeting up with him up close on his promotional tour to Singapore and attending his press conference at the British Council. All as well, newbie fanboy alike, i was at awe of his presence and couldn't resist an autograph. My downfall was that my very 1st book of "The Sandman" was in the hands of others and i had to resort to the cover of the press kit that had his mugshot on it. Well, better than nothing...

Neil Gaiman Posted by Picasa


Hello hello...

Wells, it did get signed eventually yah!! wahahaha...

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