Dreamcars Asia Motorshow 05

Posted by Lokman Salikoon

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And so it ends the last day of the Motorshow. Unknown to some, i have been working to promote the magazine at the motorshow for the past 2 days. It was an eye opener seeing myself work as a promoter, sharpening my public relations which i totally suck at. I'm not really a people person at all. I did however manage to get 1 subscriber, which was quite a big deal for me. Hey, give me some credit here alright? I'm working my way up to be a renaissance man. Currently I'm a designer, engineer, writer and photographer. Next up, Director. Lets just keep it between ourselves shall we. I've always wanted to go into filming but other sources do make up to the complictions which unables me to do so. Sigh..


Will be attending Neil Gaiman Press conference at the British Council tomo bright and early morning at 10. Currently a newbie of his works, i've recently bought myself an introduction of his much acclaimed "The Sandman" series and what can i say about it?


The 1st book has already hooked me and i'm going to get the sequels pretty soon (...as soon as i get paid..damn late company salary...grrr...).


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