Run dgital, RUN!

Posted by Lokman Salikoon

A friend of mine asked me to join him in the Nike REAL run this coming Aug.

At the state that i'm in, i'll be lucky to stay alive after 10 mins of non-stop running. But guess what? I told him, i would.

Under one condition. That he'll train with me. The fact is, i didn't mind running. Hell, i use to enjoy running back in my army days and one of my greatest acheivement was running in the Army Half Marathon. I did forget how long i took, but it do remember that it was a pretty ok timing. Bottom line, i was proud of it.

..but one criteria i had to pass was his requirement which was:

1) Run 15min consistently

2) Do it every 2 days.

3) Do this for 3 weeks.

Only if i were to pass this test, only then am i able to join in the training. Bleh. Simple enough, but my laziness is over powering me. I did however do my 1st training yesterday, so i guess following up wouldn't be much of a problem. I think. No. I hope.


The cast of Initial D will be coming down tomorrow for the Gala premiere and press conference.

Being one of the previlaged crew of MovieXclusive (, i will be doing an on-location report and photoshoot of the event. I'm crossing my fingers to get close enough for personal photos and autographs.

Till tomorrow for the full report.


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