Initial D Gala Premiere Red Carpet event

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The Stage platform infront of Shaw House Posted by Hello

Imagine to my surprise, a maddening crowd of fans were already encircling the red carpet walkway outside Shaw House, eagerly waiting to greet the cast of Initial D. Even the walkway across the road at Wheelock Place was soon jammed up. Rain drops threatened to dampen the crowd but that wasn’t going to affect the reason why they came down in the first place. A red carpet, twice as long as Hustle last year, and to top it off a grandeur location facing the junction of Paterson and Orchard Rd, seemed like a perfect place to show all of its glory. Fans of all ages clung tightly to the metal railing that separates them from the idols, waving their fan-made signage. Screams was abound and echoes of Edison’s and Jay’s names were chanted everywhere, it’s almost like a cult. With a gala event of this scale, how fun can it be if not for the goodie bags handed out to the lucky few? Oh yeah, besides the stars that is.

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It was only 730pm onwards did the local celebrities came strolling down the red carpet. First up the DJs from Perfect 10 98.7FM consisting of Grace, Justin and surprise-surprise – Bachelor, Shan Wee, from Eye for a Guy 2.

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Next up were the ever funny DJs from YES 93.3FM

Oddly enough, no other local celebrities were in sight for the red carpet but on the bright side, it was time for the stars of the show to walk into the limelight. With no gradual surprise element, the stars one by one, were driven up and walked down the glitter of camera flashes and screaming fans.

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Edison Chen was the first to arrive and boy did the crowd heightened. Night became day as spotlight shone on him on his arrival. On contrary to what the media says of him being a snub, he was the most generous with his fans tonight, stopping along the way, shaking hands and signing autographs whenever possible.

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Up next, Kenny Bee and his lovely accompany. At an age of 53, he still has that youthful glow that radiant around him.

Shaun Yue Posted by Hello

Branded as the next Nicholas Tse, Shawn Yue quickly stepped up to stage next, causing a wave of screams again upon his gaze.

Anthony Wong Posted by Hello

Just like a scene from Batman, the legendary Anthony Wong, spotted with retro get-up, complete with dark glasses (was the spotlight that bright?) coolly walked down the carpet. One could have imagined the entire scene in slo-mo.

Jay Chou Posted by Hello

At last the moment where all were waiting for. A surge of hysteria rippled through the crowd as Jay Chou stepped out of his car. It was a sight to behold. Fan-billboards were raised, camera’s clicked away, strobes of flash was shot from every corner and screams of true followers bellowed into the air. It isn’t a wonder really why people are crazy for him. It could it be his quiet and laid back mellowness that transcends through as a down-to-earth personality or his music which no one understands but loved by everyone (including me). Whatever the case maybe, seeing him acknowledging his fans along the way and stopping by for a quick interview for the media, his fan base would probably grow even more after this.

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