Going back to my (web) roots

Posted by Lokman Salikoon

I'll just make it short and sweet.

Because of the recession and our disability of the magazine to sustain to be in the current form. Management has thoroughly weighed in all possibility to salvage what is left and has finally made the decision.

First movie magazine will no longer be a magazine. From late April or early May, look out for First, as a section in TNP every Thursday.

This news hasn't really been out officially but the plan has already began running through. (hope i don't get in trouble with this post but I'll take the risk, don't think my posts are read by many anyway)

What becomes of the team? Well the editorial team will be moving out to the News Center and as for us art team, our feet will still be planted in SPHM.

What will I be doing? Has you may have noticed my post title, i will be transferred to the online medium, back to my roots where i began in the design line. Have yet to know the fate of my art director and editor.

This sucks...


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