Words finally

Posted by Lokman Salikoon

Surprised to see words finally on a blog instead of endless meaningless videos?

Yeah, that's the lazy way of keeping up with appearance. Just copy and paste.

If you've noticed, my blog has been changing skins for the umpteenth time. I just can't get it right. Think i'll just stick to this one and let it roll for a little while.

Btw, a shout out to Richard and Linus, Happy Birthday to you guys. May your year ahead be a joyous one. This message however is not a replacement for being contactless. An SMS will be heading for you a wee bit.

PS: My review for Lost S4 and Traitor will be done soon. Paiseh...

PS-2: Just a quick update, I'm still in SPH but no longer in Golf Digest. It has been a great year working among you gofers but my love of movies is just too strong to pass off the opportunity laid in front on me. Now all you movie fans out there, go out there and grab a copy of First Movie Magazine NOW!


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