Car jacking

Posted by Lokman Salikoon

I keep having this reoccurring dreams where I'm in situation of having to drive when i don't know how to. From having to help a friend park his Lotus at a hawker center to escaping from an unexpected car jacker from Pahang or Kuantan, while I'm in it, from, with bullets flying around from his semi-automatic, as i tried to speed off.

Anything before that was a blur but all i could remember was me being in the passenger seat in front when i realized a stranger was driving the car. I gently asked him why he was driving this car without permission. He got fed-up, took out his rather steam-punk kind of pistol from his jacket and threw it to the back seat. He screeched to a halt near a school and went out of the car to prove me that having the authorities find me with a gun would be far worse than me losing the car. I didn't care. I jumped into the driver's side and speed off, almost hitting a kid and his parent as it was after school. Then i realized that the road didn't go too far as the school gate was closed. I turned around and headed straight towards the gunman. He had a semi out in his hand and was about to shoot. Its either to floor it and hit to fucker or die being shot. I almost hit him but i swerved and missed. As i drove off, i could hear gun rattling behind me but unfortunately none hit me or the car.

And that was when i woke up to my moms voice.

That one was rather recent, like a few hours ago.

Freaking weird.


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