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Its ages since i updated.

I seem to have a love/hate relationship with writing. Its rather a chore to start but ends up quite therapeutic while you're at it. So where do i start. Oh ok, i'll do my usual bullet point form. Quick and simple...

  • Finally closed my June issue of Golf Digest Singapore.
  • Currently taking long awaiting break. Well its rather short really. Took a Thursday to Monday break but its better than nothing.
  • Awaiting end of June for another long-ish break (about a week or so) was thinking Australia? or somewhere completely foreign where i can reset. I feel like just taking a map, close my eyes and point to my destination.
  • Really looking forward to TIFF in September but kinda worried of my funds...
  • No, I'm not jumping to First. I'm just helping them out, as they would when i need help too.
  • My ex-creative director finally tendered after much struggle with the working condition. Will miss him alot. All the best to him. Just realize that more people we just dropping out of our inner circle. Its kind of heartbreaking but thats life, people come and go and its up to you if u wanna keep that relationship.
  • Currently in pre-production of 1 short film and a potential feature film by the LSRS production guys. Pretty excited about them and i hope it goes all the way unlike our "Basket" short film which became stagnant and slowly dissapearing into the mist.
Thats all for now. Will update more soon.


Mx Team   says 2:18 PM

we actually gotten you a farewell gift .... thought u jumpin boat liao ....

No use wasting that effort boys.. might as well just give it to me~~

fasterly write script!!!!

(err i have to also lol)

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