MX as seen on Total Film Magazine!

Posted by Lokman Salikoon

Total Film Magazine

The ad for Ghost Game dvd..

..and guess what? Our one liner is among and slasherpool!


Your Older Brother   says 5:37 PM

pls tear out this page for me. thks!

Siao..not my mag lah... i scan the page can?

haha the best bit is that it's from the synposis provided ... I wrote Nerve wrecking for the VCD review but they didn't use it ... haiz, if not I can score another one ... so the actualy credit should go to either Shaw & Festive Films ? or folks who passed them the info ???

Everyone's Brother   says 12:35 AM

Pls do scan for me. Is it a past issue?

Dun know how they got the thing, dun think it's the usual suspects. Maybe they jus google it. BTW, not from Tartan, it's a UK R2 edition by another company.

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