Posted by Lokman Salikoon

Was hanging around in office talking to my friends when a giddy feeling was felt. Like being on a rocking chair but was felt internally. I gave a quizzical look to my colleague, if something amiss is happening. He asked me "What?" but i kept quiet, thinking i might not be feeling well.

But upon seeing all my lanyards of badges hung on my wall swaying to and fro, i knew something was not right. The swaying kept going and so i stood up to see if my neighbor was shaking the table.

There he was sitting still.

I tried shaking it to see if possible. Nope, the tables were a sturdy bunch.

"Did you guys feel anything?" my neighbour colleague said aloud. I jumped. Hah! i wasn't alone! I went off into the world wide web and tried searching for any special bulletin and lo and behold, a report of a 7.9 magnitude earthquake was report at 710pm in Indonesia.

This might be alittle morbid but i have a major fascination for natural disasters. And now after having this little taste, i wondered how it would feel to experience the full blow ones, may it be earthquakes or even tornadoes.


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