Posted by Lokman Salikoon

An SMS came screeching into my lazy sunday afternoon that says:

"Filler ad for IG not sharp. yur cover got convert to high res or not?"

I was flabbergast. Why in the world would i give a low res image for print to the newspaper? Even if i did ( which i certainly didn't!), wouldn't the QC from the printers report such matter?

Sigh. I'm tired of arguing anyway, Even though it still pisses me off when i try to do my darn best to get things going. Somehow such small little bothersome things would effect me enough to ruin the day.

I know its nothing and i know he didn't mean it as a complain but it just kinda bothered me still.

I need a break. My weekend wasn't a fruitful one either cos the mag is still not closed yet. And the damn situation is keeping me unrest.

1) Promo page not confirmed yet.
2) Inhouse event not gotten back to me yet.
3) 1 ad not confirmed
4) 1 ad still pending

How the hell am i suppose to send the files to print on Mon?? Partial yeah? I suppose.


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