Settling in

Posted by Lokman Salikoon

The past few weeks, life has been a whirlwind.
News of us of us being transfered to the mothership hit hard among us, being unknown of what is to come. Back then with only a few weeks till our departure, the feeling of uncertainty kept glooming above us in the midst of us still rushing around with 4 magazine still in production and only finally having the last few days to pack our stuff to be moved with minutes to spare. It can be alittle daunting, coming from a small cosy publishing company to a devouring intimidating structure of business. A few day prior to the move, they welcomed us with open arms and assured us of the move, allowing us to settle down slowly as not to shock our system. We had our doubts around but we got around it well enough. For me at least. Within a week, my cubicle walls are littered with designer stuff and movie posters as deco, computer all customed fit to my needs and knowing the way around the building (although there are still some nooks and cracks i have yet to discover..). Although i do need a few cupboard for storage, I've quietly slipped in the system and settled in. I count my blessing though that i had this great opportunity which may come to a surprise, managed with ease. I'm just afraid that with all the good luck I'm getting, the bad ones might just flank me and give me a surprise attack.

Some of my colleagues however are not filling in as well as expected. New superiority or change of environment maybe the cause of it but having the sinking feeling that they won't last long saddens me most. Its been 2 1/2 year of building a brand, seeing people come and go, seeing the product grow has made me attached to its name. A sense of familiarity comforts me most, even at the most adversative situation, there is nothing i can't handle even though i almost did quit sometime ago ( another story but my closeness to the people and product made me stay).

Anyway, its already been 2 weeks and the amount of work is sufficient enough to keep on driving and swing back into action (pun intended, if you know which 2 title i do in the publishing world..) of cos without compromising of who i am and not get too caught up with multilevel structure of whatnots.

Its a brand new day. Time to get cracking and stop dwelling in the past. If we can't fit their culture in our life, we'll fit our culture into their lives instead.

...and i see that already happening . *smiles..


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