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Posted by Lokman Salikoon

On 6th Dec 05, Six local film companies get a flying start with the
Singapore Film Commission’s (SFC) grant of $20,000 to $40,000 under its inaugural Project Development Scheme.

Among the six, one struck me the most. Being a movie fan, especially the horror genre, Redinkmedia pitched a horror movie that has and already been talked about by every NSF and NS men. Among all the horror and unexplained stories that was heard, one particular story seems to stand out the most.

During a night road march at Pulau Tekong, a recruit was reported missing. A full search was conducted through the night where eventually the body was found – behind some bushes, in a kneeling position. There was a hole in his stomach and his internal organs were laid in a neat row beside him. Strange things start to happen following this mysterious death…

Yup, thats right, its the story of the missing recruit and next famously known, Charlie Company.
Anyway, an idea came upon me and decided to drop Redinkmedia an email of my finding and congratulating them. Shamelessly too, i put in a word or two of my enthusiasm of wanting to be a part of the production.

Oh, and shamelessly agian, (this was not meant to score extra points..but if it did, good for me..) i created a teaser poster for them, just for fun.

Keeping my fingers cross man.. but seriously, I AM looking forward to this scare-feast.


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