The Dragon's Arival

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OK, this is really outdated. Its been ages since i updated my blog and i have a perfectly good excuse for this.

Works of course~

Sept 11th:

The cast and director of Jackie Chan's latest works, "The Myth" was in town to promote its arrival to the cinemas. Director Stanley Tong, actor Jackie Chan and the lovely Mallika Sherawat graced the occasion with all smiles. It was a perfect setting. Not in comparison with the movie but the venue itself. The press conference was set at "The Pod", 16th floor of the new national library. Spectacular view all around, i was astound at the grand display. I couldn't help but acted touristy and snapped some pics.

Finally, at 230pm, the stars arrived. Hordes of vultures quickly came to surround as strobes of flashes lit the room. As the cameramen tried to take their shots, little were they aware of thier positions and almost strampled on me! Jackie exclaimed an advice to be carefull to the photographers as he was lead to the stage by the bouncers.

I was wondering, if i DID fall, would be come up to me and give me a helping hand? That will be the perfect publicity shot for us man~

As they sat at thier seats and began shooting Qs, i could help thinking how similar Jackie looked in real life. Some stars look alittle different in comparison with real and reel life but Jackie was exactly how i imagined. Jovial, chatty, full of energy and humble, it isn't a wonder why everyone loved him. Oh btw, he has a habit of crushing plastic bottles. Beats me. My guess: when it's thrown away, at least theres more space in the bin so as not to waste the space.

DAMN. I wish i was Jackie in this pic...

Next up:
The introduction to Jackies own Orchid hybrid. (no kidding..)

Situated deep inside the Burkill Hall, National Botanical Gardens, the unveiling of "Dendrobium Jackie Chan", a new hybrid of orchid for our dragon hero. It was rather a quite ceremony, with only a few media press and garden staff.

Next up:
Dicussion panel at the National Library

Ok. i won't be saying much (or none at all) on this section because its all in mandarin. I was like a total foreign and didn't understand a word they said except for a few spartial english sprinkled around.

Anyway if you guys wanna read more about "The Myth" promo tour in singapore, drop by
Or if you're too lazy to search click here THE MYTH TOUR.

Pior before the panel discussion, we did plan a guerrilla tactic to get upclose to Jackie for a pic or two a soon as it ends, but unfortunately, they left in a whirlwind and we rtaher dissapointed. Richard however did manage to shake hands with him (or so he says) but there wasn't anyone around to witness it. Guess we'll just have to swollow his words then. You guys can read his encounter right HERE.

Thats the end folks. If you wanna read more in detail, click the above link and enjoy.


Why is everyone's face so amusing in that last picture omg aha!

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