Be with me

Posted by Lokman Salikoon

Be with me
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With almost no dialogs, the suffering emotional silence was defening as the characters on screen surfed through thier wave of heart tugging dilemmas. Divided into 3 parts, interwoven to create a sense of universal point about love, critic abroad and locally have been raving about this feature.

I know some are gonna beat me to a plup about this but, the emotional ride didn't really hit me. Maybe i'm a fan of words. Dialogs that were heard didn't really hit my nerves about love and hence the connection wasn't there. There were a couple sences that were touching but something was missing from it. I tried to be overwhelm of the whole sense but, damn, i just didn't connect.


I would critic more but it'll be like shooting myself in the foot. Don't get me wrong, its isn't a bad film, infact kudos to Eric. He did a great job with this and i'm proud of this peice.


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