Making my move

Posted by Lokman

Alrite guys, its time for me to move on to something new.

Blogger, you have treated me well the past few years but it is time for me to move on and see the world. Till next time, seeya ard pal.

Follow me at my new bachelor pad:

The Arrival

Posted by Lokman

A follow up of what i've learned in the previous tutorial.
Featuring a short about a guy who woke up one Sunday morning to find a strange visitor outside.

1st After Effects attempt

Posted by Lokman

My virgin attempt using After Effects, following a tutorial online. Rather excited of this new found interest. ILM here i come.


Posted by Lokman

A video montage of a traveling amusement park that was set up in the heart of Tampines central.

Shot & edited by Lokman Salikoon

Jeremy & Zhiling

Posted by Lokman

A short documentary made for my close friend's wedding. A brief interview-styled walk-down memory lane of their beginning and their future. Made its debut at 20th June 09 during the wedding dinner.

Directed, edited and interviewed by Lokman Salikoon
Sound by Stefan Shih.
DP by Richard Lim Jr

Tribute to Michael Jackson

Posted by Lokman

Same Pose...

Posted by Lokman

Real Milk Shake

Posted by Lokman

Everything will be OK

Posted by Lokman

Save the Dolphins!

Posted by Lokman

Status Update


2009 Blockbuster

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